13 Selected Ranking of SR400 Mufflers with Great Sound!!


Hello! I’m YB Taro.

Today, I’d like to introduce mufflers compatible with the recently announced discontinued model, the SR400.

The SR400 has been a beloved classic from Yamaha, supported by riders of various generations for 43 years.

Please take a look at mufflers that match its classical appearance!

1st Place: Sym’z Craft Traditional Megaphone Muffler Slip-on for SR400 SR500


SR400 シムズクラフトトラディショナルメガホンマフラーってどうなのさ?

■Product Overview

  • Not compatible with fuel-injected (FI) vehicles
  • Material: Outer – Stainless Steel SUS304 / Inner – Steel
  • Sound Level: Approximately 93-94dB (SR500 measurement not available)
  • Not compliant with vehicle inspection standards
  • Total Length: 750mm

2nd Place: PRUNUS SR400 Megaphone Muffler 2018~

PRUNUSマフラー SR400

Surface treatment is a high-quality nickel-chrome plating finish. By incorporating a muffler chamber, we have achieved both improved power throughout the range and environmental performance. The adoption of the PRUNUS emblem further enhances the appearance. This is an easy-to-install slip-on type muffler.

Compliant with Heisei 28 (2016) emission regulations. Close-range noise: 90dB (A)

3rd Place: Garage T&F SR400 Up Trumpet Muffler (Slip-on)

  • Cannot be installed on stock suspension. (Lowering required)
  • Installation will use OEM gaskets. Customers without gaskets should purchase the SR400 Muffler Gasket (part number SR400ML05) separately.
  • For models from 1978 to 2000 with a center stand, please purchase the Center Stand Bolt SET separately for installation.
  • Not compatible with injection models.

SR400 アップトランペットマフラー(スリップオン) ガレージT&F

4th Place: DAYTONA Chrome Plated Slip-on Carbon Type Muffler for SR400 (’10~)

【バイク女子 】SR400のマフラーをDAYTONAキャブトンマフラーに交換しました

Slip-on Carbon Type Muffler This is a slip-on muffler of the carburetor type designed to maintain the traditional image of the carburetor type while being compatible with fuel-injected (FI) vehicles. It offers increased power throughout the entire range compared to the stock muffler while also ensuring environmental performance. It is JMCA certified.

Noise levels:

  • Low-range noise reduction (87dB/3250rpm)
  • Acceleration noise (81dB (A))

Note: Not compatible with carburetor-equipped vehicles (SR400/500).

5th Place: Yamaha SR400/SR500 Slip-on Stainless Megaphone Muffler (for Carburetor/Fuel-injected Vehicles)



For carburetor-equipped vehicles, please see below:

Compatible Models: Yamaha SR400 (Not compatible with FI)/SR500 Material: Stainless Steel Silencer Size: Maximum outer diameter φ90 × total length 580mm Silencer Insertion Port Inner Diameter: φ41.5

Sound Levels:

  • Idle: 90.0dB
  • Close-range Exhaust Noise: 103.0dB

For fuel-injected (FI) vehicles, please see below:

Compatible Models: Yamaha SR400FI (Not compatible with carburetor-equipped vehicles) Material: Stainless Steel Silencer Size: Maximum outer diameter φ90 × total length 580mm Silencer Insertion Port Inner Diameter: φ41.5

Sound Levels:

  • Idle: 90.0dB
  • Close-range Exhaust Noise: 103.0dB

Please remove the center stand. This is a type where the silencer is directly inserted, so please use liquid gasket instead of OEM gaskets on the exhaust pipe.

6th Place: DAYTONA Slip-on Megaphone Type Muffler for SR400


A slip-on muffler that achieves significant weight reduction and environmental performance while being compliant with vehicle inspections compared to the stock muffler. It features a conventional megaphone shape with a slight upward tilt (3.5 degrees) at the rear. This design suits various styles from cafes to choppers. The sound quality is characterized by a crisp, deep bass typical of steel mufflers.

[Close-range Noise]

  • 1JR: 91dB/3500rpm
  • RH01J: 92dB/3500rpm

■ Notes

  • There is a risk of interference with the center stand. Simultaneous installation with the center stand stopper (45861) is required.
  • Not compatible with fuel-injected (FI) vehicles.

7th Place: Yamaha SR400/SR500 Slip-on Megaphone Type Muffler for Carburetor-equipped Vehicles Stainless Polish Silencer


SR400/500 Exclusive Muffler

This muffler is made from rust-resistant stainless steel with a polished finish, giving it a deep, lustrous shine. Its design, shorter than the swingarm, complements a wide range of custom styles.

  • Weight: 2kg
  • Close-range Noise: Approximately 96dB/3500rpm (approximately 81dB at idle) *Note: Sound levels may vary depending on the bike’s condition, climate, and measuring equipment.

8th Place: Peyton Place Stainless Norton Type Muffler for SR400

2019年 SR400 カフェレーサー Nortonタイプ PeytonPlaceマフラー サウンド検証!

9th Place: Peyton Place SR110 Megaphone Muffler Type: for Injection Models SR400 SR500

SR400のマフラー交換作業 ペイトンプレイス メガホンマフラー 【SR400】

Peyton Place ペイトンプレイス SR110メガホンマフラー タイプ:インジェクション車用 SR400 SR500 YAMAHA ヤマハ YAMAHA ヤマハ

10th Place: 2%er Slip-on Muffler Round Megaphone Muffler for SR400 SR500

SR400/500用 2%er ラウンドメガホンマフラー スリップオン ダウン (MR-EX152D)

A stainless steel round megaphone muffler designed for SR models as a slip-on. It features a design inspired by vintage old racers but also suits chopper and cafe styles well. It’s engineered to maintain sound quality, power, and durability without distortion even under high revs.

11th Place: GOODS SR400 SR500 Muffler Body TAPERED CORN Slip-on Muffler Black for SR400/500 (All Model Years) Carburetor and FI Vehicle Compatible

SR400 グッズ(GOODS) テーパーコーン スリップオンマフラー (2018-FINAL)

  • Size: Total Length: 595mm Maximum Diameter: 100mm
  • Specifications: For FI vehicles, idle noise level: 88.3dB, noise level at 3500rpm: 101.3dB

12th Place: CRAFTMAN Center-up Muffler Super Trap for SR400 SR500

スーパートラップマフラー 音量測定 SR400

■ Detailed Description Material: SUS304 (Stainless Steel) Utilizes Super Trap discs in the original megaphone-type muffler series to achieve a balance between quality and adjustment range. Stainless steel polish finish. The layout of the exhaust pipe passes directly under the engine to ensure bank angle.

■ Notes [Not JMCA Certified] *JMCA mufflers are government-certified mufflers suitable for driving on public roads in Japan. Please enjoy driving on public roads with confidence. *Mufflers not JMCA certified may not be suitable for vehicle inspection or driving on public roads. *Conditions may vary depending on vehicle model year, etc.

13th Place: K&W Short Drag Pipe Muffler for SR400

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